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Jason Robertson has been working in the Automotive industry since 1992. A qualified Motor Mechanic and Automotive Electrician, Jason has owned and operated his own small business based in Dubbo until 2015.

Jason has had extensive experience working on Passenger Cars, Heavy Vehicles and Motorcycles along with working for the RMS for a three-year period involved with Light and Heavy Vehicle Compliance. Jason has a passion for modified vehicles and motorsport. Jason can certify light vehicles, medium goods vehicles, heavy vehicles, and motorcycles.

Light vehicle is a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass up to and including 4.5 tonnes, heavy vehicle is greater than 4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass. 

Vehicles must comply with the vehicle standards requirements made for it as of its date of manufacture. A vehicle that is modified must continue to comply with those standards or any later version of those standards that may apply as a result of a particular modification.

Vehicles need to comply with the Australian Design Rules and Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 for light vehicles or Schedule 2 of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation (NSW) for heavy vehicles.

When testing vehicles with significant modifications tests are often required to be recorded on video, data logged and conducted on closed airport runways. Jason Can arrange airport closure /hire and arrange these necessary tests to be carried out to the ADRs and vehicle testing standards in a safe environment.

Based in Port Stephens NSW and Orange occasionally Jason Services the above and all surrounding areas by appointment.


VSCCS Modified Vehicle Certifier (NSW)

Light Vehicle: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5

Medium/Heavy Vehicle: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5

Motorcycles: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5

Light Goods Vehicles: C1, C4

C1 - Braking Systems

C2 - Driving Controls and Aids

C3 - Seating and Occupant Protection

C4 - Engine, Fuel and Exhaust

C5 - Body, Chassis, Frame, Suspension, Steering, Transmission/Driveline, Axels or Lights

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Port Stephens and surrounding areas • Nelson Bay: (Corlette, Soldiers Point, Fingal Bay, Anna Bay, Hawks Nest etc) • Newcastle and surrounding areas • Raymond Terrace • Port Macquarie • Forster •  Taree • Singleton • Cessnock • Muswellbrook • Gosford • Mid North Coast • Lake Macquarie • Sydney (by Appointment)

Central West NSW • Orange • Bathurst • Parkes • Forbes • Dubbo • Mudgee • Cowra • Canowindra • Wellington.


Due to the complexity of modified vehicles, the nature and scope of vehicle modifications, testing required and location, pricing can differ.

I work on a case by case basis in which pricing is discussed with customers on an individual basis.

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    Some examples of modifications we can certify and test are:


    Disability Controls

    Motorcycle Sidecars

    Engine Modifications

    Front Fork Modification

    Motorbike Towbar

    Frame Modifications

    Brake Modifications

    Motorcycle Exhausts

    Light Vehicles:

    Brake System Modifications

    Brake Assessment Manual Testing

    Disability Driving Controls

    Seating and Occupant Protection

    Engine Conversions

    Supercharger Certification

    Turbo Certification

    Fuel System Modifications

    Exhaust System Testing

    Noise Testing

    Lane Manoeuvre Testing

    Emissions Testing

    Body Modification

    Chassis Modification

    Performance Engines

    Steering Modifications

    Suspension Modifications

    4WD Lift Kits

    Wheel and Tyre Change

    Differential Conversions

    Driveline Modifications

    Rollcage & ROPS

    Transmission Conversion

    GVM Upgrade or Downgrade

    Wheelchair Loader

    A Frame Towing

    Child Restraints

    Caravan ATM/GTM

    Medium and Heavy Vehicles:

    NHVR Modification Plates

    Engine Changes

    GVM/GCM re-rating

    ATM/GTM re-rating

    Differential and driveline

    B’Double Rating

    Road Train Rating

    Road speed Limiter Installation

    Seating and seat belt change

    Fuel tank alteration

    Wheelbase extension or reduction

    Air Brake modification

    J1 Body mounting

    Cabin mounting

    Trailer modification

    PTO certification

    Tow Truck Certification

    Vehicle mounted lift systems

    Cranes & Tailgate loaders

    Fifth wheel and kingpin

    P1 Tow couplings

    Suspension Changes

    Tyre and Rim Changes